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Web Design

We Deliver Highspeed Internet

Dedicated internet connections are deployed using fibre as the last-mile solution. This involves laying fibre cable from one of ZAMNET’s nodes to the customer premises giving the customer end to end fibre access all the way to the internet.

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Web Design and Hosting

Why ZAMNET Hosting? Since 2000, we proudly provide Unlimited Web Hosting backed by 95.5% uptime guarantee, 24x7x365 savvy tech support, and ultra-fast servers. Your web site is critical to your business. Long page load times and even minimal downtime can measurably impact your bottom line

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Virtual Solutions

ZAMNET has tailor made virtual solutions for you, we have offsite backup solutions, Virtual Networks, Virtual Private servers, Our Enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced for the Small to Medium Businesses implying that your organization would be able to easily afford the service.

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