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No, Emails are sold separate from the internet service.
You will need access equipment installed at your premise, this can be an outdoor radio, switches or routers as needed.
Our services can be access via our branches through phone or email contact. i.e.

Upon contact with our team a site survey will be arranged by our technical team to assess your location for a possibility of connection.
No, cell phones aren’t permitted on the ropes and trampoline areas due to safety reasons. We do have a cell phone storage area to put them in or you can get a locker to store your phone. We are proving all type of cleaning solutions for every small and big businesses.

Internet Services

Since inception, the focus of ZAMNET has been to deliver world class Internet solutions to

the Zambian market.

The solutions are aimed at cutting across all market avenues. Below are the salient Internet solutions:

• Fibre Broadband Services
• Fixed Wireless
• Direct Ethernet Cable

Broadband Fibre

Dedicated internet connections are deployed using fibre as the last-mile solution. This involves laying fibre cable from one of ZAMNET’s nodes to the customer premises giving the customer end to end fibre access all the way to the internet.

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Fixed Broadband Wireless

Fixed Wireless Broadband addresses the demand for high speed Internet access for corporate customer by providing a scalable solution that is quickly deployed using wireless technology. There is no third party carrier involved to accomplish Internet connectivity

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