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Yes, we have different package that come with different control levels and control panels
We have Monthly, Quaterly, Semi-Annual and annual payment plans. Our payment plans are flexible and can be tailored to your needs.
Yes, Dedicated hosting is a managed service that gives you full control of what you host and how you host.
Yes, the domain connects allows your website's visibility on the internet

Why Host with ZAMNET?

Since 2000, we proudly provide Unlimited Web Hosting backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24x7x365 savvy tech support, and ultra-fast servers. Your web site is critical to your business. Long page load times and even minimal downtime can measurably impact your bottom line.
That’s why we have a team of web content management (WCM) specialists focused exclusively on keeping your WCM environments up and running—all of the time. Even when traffic spikes, our platform scales to the capacity you need. And proactive performance monitoring allows us to anticipate and respond to events in your environment before they become issues instead of after.
Get more than just infrastructure support. It doesn’t matter which WCM platform you choose, we offer 24x7x365 Fanatical Support®—from infrastructure through the application layer.

Below are the hosting solutions:
•    Enterprise Email Hosting
•    Shared Web Hosting
•    Dedicated Web Hosting
•    Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
•    Server Colocation
•    Backups & Storage

Our Hosting Solutions

Enterprise Email Hosting Shared Website Hosting Dedicated Website Hosting Server Co-location Data Backup & Storage

Email Hosting is perfect for the organization that needs to collaborate or maintain shared appointments and contacts. All of your mailboxes within your organization can share email, address book, calendar, notes, tasks and journal folders. Your organization can use our webmail interface or use a third party email client such as Outlook with our service.

ZAMNET offers a variety of Expert Shared Hosting Plans to fit any need. Whether you’re starting a Blog with WordPress, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHPBB, starting an Online Store with osCommerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Expert Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This service is more than just a dedicated server, it is a fully managed solution designed to take your business to the next level. It will provide your organization with a management solution which will include FREE cPanel for every dedicated server. Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 48 hours of purchase.
The dedicated server will provide your sites with a higher level of security, speed, and uptime. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment.

Colocation is a hosting option for small businesses who want the features of a large IT department without the costs. Many large corporations have the Internet infrastructure to host their own web servers and have a team of IT professionals to manage and design the site, individuals and small companies do not. There is a wide range of options available from simple hosting up to running your own Web servers off of a dedicated Internet connection.

This involves having a back-up of live systems and applications. This service has remote management capabilities and also provides back-to-back security for optimal usage.
ZAMNET offers one of the most comprehensive online backup solutions and disaster recovery services for both physical and virtual environments. Our Enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced for the Small to Medium Businesses implying that your organization would be able to easily afford the service.